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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  November 22, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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now at noon, morning b.a.r.t. commuters delayed for hours after a computer problem stopped trains in their tracks and we're now learning exactly what caused the disruption. strong winds are being blamed for dozens of trees with hundreds of customers still without power. we'll show you some of the hardest hit areas. and wind is a major concern in napa and sonoma counties where hundreds of acres have already burned. we're monitoring the situation and the conditions facing firefighters.
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halted b.a.r.t. trains and frustrated commuters. b.a.r.t. encountered a system wide problem that prevented trains from running. the agency was able to get trains rolling out. this was the scene several hours ago. take a look at the conditions right now. conditions appear to bism proving -- improve -- conditions appear to be improving. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. brian flores joins us from oakland. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. says this was a comur glitch caused by an upgrade. whether it's a computer glitch or a glitch to the tentative
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agreement, the passengers are frustrated. >> we're not running any service at this time. >> reporter: the words b.a.r.t. commuters did not want to hear this morning as the system failed and inconvenienced many. >> if it's not one thing, it's another. >> it's more convenient for me to take b.a.r.t., especially on friday. >> reporter: the glitch, according to b.a.r.t., is pinpointed to an upgrade to a network server. according to b.a.r.t., the glitch occurred sometime around midnight and caused the central computer to go offrhine which affected the -- offline which affected the switches. b.a.r.t. had to manually switch the switches. >> obviously when you have computers that normally do that and then you are relying on people to do that, it's so much more time consuming. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. was trying to get the trains running by 5:00. then it got changed to 6:00.
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computer technicians were able to get everything operational by 7:00. commuters were left wondering what to do next. many on their cell phones looking for the latest information calling somebody else for a ride or catching the bus and while this can be chalked up to a technical problem, many say they are fed up of any delays including the recent b.a.r.t. strike. >> it's annoying. i know they didn't prepare for this. during the strike, they did accommodate us for charter buses. today it's like -- you are like a fish out of water. go for what you know. >> reporter: we just got off the phone with the b.a.r.t. spokesperson and they've ruled out this being an active sabotage or anything. what does this done to a b.a.r.t. loyalty and ridership? we'll have that at 5:00 tonight. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. if you would like to see how traffic conditions could impact your drive, go to where you can see our live time
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traffic maps. the city of oakland is still trying to clean up from the damage caused by the strong overnight winds. there were reports of downed trees all across the city and drivers on bay area bridges were also warned about the high winds. there were thousands without power because of several transformer issues. crews are busy trying to clear it all. let's go to rosemary for a look at where some of the strongest winds were recorded. >> reporter: yes. let's get straight to the maps. i will show you some of the strongest winds reported in our area overnight into early this morning. petaluma, 56 miles per hour winds reported there. santa rosa, 53. in the orinda hills and near the caldecott, 65 miles an hour. you might have felt that coming out of the tunnel. 58 in and around the hills of livermore and 44 miles an hour at half moon bay. we'll continue with the breezy conditions for today. the wind advisory has been
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allowed to -- has been allowed to expire. 10, 20 miles per hour concord, novato. if sewe shift to the south we're look -- if we shift to the south, we're looking at 14 miles an hour in hayward. 14 miles per hour in half moon bay and calm in san jose. the breeze will continue for today. the wind advisory remains in areas along the north bay hills. this includes muir woods, mount tam. if i shift, this continues into the evening hours. we're talking about until 10:00 tonight. in areas along the hills in between highway 12 and highway 128 and i want to do another shift here because this wind advisory also includes parts of the delta, parts of the carquinez area, vallejo, benicia, fairfield, wind gusts could still reach to 50 miles per hour. if you are leaving town headed up the hill into the sierra, a
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high wind warning continues until early tomorrow morning. high wind warning means the sierra could experience wind gusts to 70 miles an hour. that could be very dangerous something to consider if you are getting out of town. we have a couple of fires burning over the north bay. the winds will continue to blow in the area. the wind gusts to 30 miles per hour by later this afternoon, dropping back to 25 and then into the evening hours. 15 miles per hour and relatively dry out there. relative humidity coming up to 29 for the evening. tori? >> thank you, rosemary. we'll have more on the fires in a moment. but first, janine de la vega shows us all of the damage created by the wind including a deadly accident. she joins us now in oakland to show us how much work crews have where accomplished. good afternoon, janine? >> reporter: yes, they still have a lot more work to do. we're here on fifth street at jackson where you can see this tree is completely blocking the
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roadway and cars have to detour around it. it's been this way since 9:00 last night. a security guard is standing around here making sure that employees at the nearby businesses don't come running into this because earlier this morning, a car did come crashing into it because there was no yellow tape up at the time. they are wondering when public works crews will come. >> it would seem like somebody would be out here trying to do something about it. i got here about 7:30 this morning and it was downed and, you know, this is obviously a busy thoroughfare going through to 880. >> reporter: public works crews are coming because of the calls of downed trees. the department received 120 kiles for service that trees or limbs had fallen on the tree. here's video of a tree that had not been cleared in lake merritt. public crews don't have enough
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staff. so they've been responding to the most critical first. in one of the more serious accidents a tree fell on a car and a bunch of power lines. >> i heard like a crash and a big spark. kids came running in the room. the lights were out. that's when we all came outside. >> we were watching the water. trying to be careful. >> reporter: the fierce winds killed two people in oakland. a man was standing on austin when high winds knocked down a power line and electrocuted him. police say a half-hour later, a car traveling too fast on sky line boulevard swerved to avoid debris and slammed head on into a tree and it killed the male driver. neither of the victims have been identified. and back out here live, public works crew say they are working with tree trimming companies that they contract with to help get everything cleaned up. we will have an update on that coming up on ure later news -- on our later newscasts at 5:00
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or 6:00. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we spoke to pg&e within the last 15 minutes we're told just under 11,000 customers are still without power around the bay area. a majority of those about 7400 are in the oakland, berkeley, albany area. a pg&e spokesman says crews are working as quickly as possible. they hope to have the power back on by this afternoon or this evening. crews are working to put mouth a big wind-whipped grass fire. it started around 9:30 last night off silverado trail. the fire has not burned home. 50 were threatened and evacuation order is in effect for residents and businesses. 300 acres have burned. the fire is 50% contained. the cause of the fire is not yet known. another fire is burning in sonoma county. the so-called mccabe fire has
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scorched 200 acres near the geysers. it started just after 2:00 this morning. there are no reports of injuries or structures being damaged. calfire says the mccabe fire is about 10% contained. new at noon, we have record of an arrest in what san francisco police call a heinous case of animal abuse. 36-year-old lorise barrett faces felony charges for allegedly robbing a woman and throwing her small dog to its death. we first told you about this story last december. the victim said she pulled her car over on leavenworth near golden gate avenue to use her cell phone when a man approached her. police say he robbed there, then angry because her 12-year- old dog was barking. he grabbed the dog and threw it out of the car. the injuries were so severe, the dog had to be put to sleep. >> there was no reason for the suspect to harm the dog from accounts of the incident, he had the personal property of the victim and returned to kill
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the dog. >> san francisco police say officers worked with the u.s. marshal's office to arrest barrett in vallejo. holiday travel, already underway. when airport officials say the busiest travel day is expected to be. the nation pauses to remember john f. kennedy 50 years to the day after he was assassinated.
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something's happened here. we understand there's been a shooting. the presidential car coming up. you can see mrs. kennedy. there's a secret service man spread eagle over the top of the car. we can't see who has been hit if anybody has been hit but apparently is terribly wrong here. >> that radio report 50 years ago today captures the shock and panic as people who are watching the car carrying president kennedy in dallas began to realize that he had been shot. in that same plaza into the street where president kennedy was killed people gathered this morning to mark the anniversary. >> ladies and gentlemen, would you join me in a moment of silence in honor of the life of john fitzgerald kennedy.
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[bell tolling] >> it's the first time dallas has held an official ceremony to observe the anniversary of the assassination. thousands filled dealey plaza. the simple ceremony included excerpts from kennedy's speeches and songs from the men's glee club at the united states naval academy. ♪ >> also this morning a small group of kennedy family members laid a wreath at president kennedy's gave in arlington national cemetery. they were led by 85-year-old jean kennedy smith, his only surviving sibling. do you where you were when
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the president was assassinated? join us on facebook and leave a comment. we're expecting to learn more about the sandy hook elementary shooting on monday when the investigation report is released. a statement from the connecticut criminal justice division says the findings are based on an investigation by state prosecutors. it comes nearly a year after 20- year-old adam lanza killed his mother at their home in newtown before opening fire at the school. lanza killed 26 people at the school, 20 of them children before he killed himself. the family of the victim of an alleged hate crime in san jose state has issued a statement. it reads in part, "as a family, we are deeply curbed by the horrific behaviors that have taken place against our son, our immediate focus is his protection. we have taken a stand on this matter." they on to say "our response alerted the community of the
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appalling conduct of the students involved. we appreciate the outpouring of support." the students and the victim all lived in the same suite on campus. the white students are accused of confining the freshman with a bicycle lock around his neck as well as using rashist taunts and hanging a confederate flag in the window of their living area. new details in the case of an 85-year-old tourist in palo alto being held in north korea. today, the state department said north korea is confirming that it is holding an american but the regime did not say that person is merrill neuman. his family says he was taken off his plane just as he was getting ready to leave north korea after a ten-day tour more than three weeks ago. we're also hearing from neuman's wife for the first time.
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in a statement released this morning, lee neuman said the family feels there's been some dreadful misunderstanding leading to his detention and asked that the dtrk -- dprk work to settle this issue quickly and return this 85-year- old grandfather to his anxious and concerned family." we're learning that the president is scheduled to make an appearance in chinatown urging congress to pass immigration reform legislation. he's scheduled to speak at the jazz center. holiday travel patterns are changing. officials at san francisco international airport say today is expected to be the busiest travel day of the thanksgiving holiday. airport officials are predicting 130,000 passengers coming and going at sfo. about 1.2 million people are expected to pass through sfo from today through december 1st. passengers are being told to
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allow extra time to check in and get through the security checkpoints. meanwhile, officials at mineta san jose airport are also expecting a big rush. the airport is predicting a 5% increase in passengers over the thanksgiving holiday. the airport vizs travel -- advises travelers to check in online and allow plenty of time at the airport. a dry, breezy day is in the forecast for your friday. let's get back to those winds where, again, we're watching them actually blow to 30 miles per hour in and around oakland. fairfield, reporting 26, 24 santa rosa, 23 in napa. if you are joining us, just recently, we are looking at a wind advisory continuing for our north bay hills. also including parts of the delta and the carquinez strait, areas like benicia. some of the bridges are clocking at about 49 miles per hour, earlier in morning.
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most areas will see the winds relax for the second half of the day. at 3:00 or so, the winds are still a little breezy but not as bad. but notice over the north bay, where, again, the wind advisory lasts until about 10:00 tonight. those winds are still blowing to 20, perhaps 30 miles per hour and gusting even stronger than that. as we get into the evening hours, the winds will begin to die down and then as we get into 10:00 or so, the wind advisory expiring here. still going to be a breezy evening. ridge of high pressure will begin to build in in time for our weekend. the winds will begin to die down. our temperatures will begin to soar. as we get into the second half of the weekend, the winds light and the numbers will be chilly in the overnight hours. ridge of high pressure beginning to strengthen. remember the system that brought us some rain tuesday into wednesday? it's now over southern california. we are caught right in between. so the pressure gradeiant between the two really -- gradient between the two really
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kicking up the winds, and the temperatures, 5 to 10 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. santa rosa, 72. right now, san francisco, 66. and for the second half of your day warming to about 68 before we begin to cool down into the evening hours. upper 60s in oakland. mid 6s 0 in oakland -- 60s in oakland. 61 san jose. low 60s for the coast. mid- to upper 60s to low 70s around the bay. 60s to low 70s for our inland east bay. santa rosa and napa checking in mid- to upper 70s. a mild day for you with very breezy conditions continuing. as we get into your extended forecast with your bay area weekend always in view, temperatures will remain on the mild side as we get into the second half with mostly sunny skies. it will be breezy tomorrow. but then again winds will be dying down. chilly, chilly mornings expected when we have the clear skies, the winds go away and that cold air settles in. expect cold conditions especially on sunday. as we get back to work on
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sunday and monday. the models want to bring us more rain by wednesday. >> lows in the 30s. >> yes. >> yikes. >> freezing. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. many skiers and snowboarders are expected to head to tahoe this weekend. up until now the only resort was borieal but today, heaven is opening for the season. kirkwood and northstar were also supposed to open this weekend. they have delayed their opening day. the job report shows improving numbers for california. and the 49ers will not host any monday night games next season. we'll tell you why.
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u.s. job openings and overall hiring both rose to five-year highs in september signaling improvement at the job market. this is helping to push markets higher into record territory. the dow is up 47 at 16,047. the nasdaq is up 20 at just about 11 points away from 4,000. and the s&p up 8. and california's unemployment rate remained unchanged in october at 8.7%. that's according to the figures released this morning by the federal bureau of labor statistics. the report says the state added 39,800 jobs last month. that comes after a lot of 2900 jobs in -- a lost of 2900 jobs.
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the oakland raiders are facing a local television blackout. right now, ticket sales for sunday have been extended through today. the raiders requested the extension to meet the minimum 85% capacity requirement in order to have the game televised. the san francisco 49ers will not be playing any monday night football games at their new santa clara stadium, at least not next year according to reports. the reason is simple, traffic congestion. stadium officials want a year to work out plans to ease traffic congestion in the area. the biggest concern about monday night games is the already clogged traffic in the silicon valley since kickoff is around 5:40 p.m. right in the heart of the evening commute. officials hope to host monday night football games at levi stadium by 2015. be prepared for a lot of traffic if you are planning to head to the big game between cal and stanford. the two teams face off at stanford stadium tomorrow at 1:00. it may not be much of a conthe
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test. the bears have the worst record in the pac 12. this is the 116th big game for the teams. the game is tied for ninth among the most played rivalry games in college football. coming up at 5:00, b.a.r.t. trains may be up and unking but questions still remaining about the crippling system. we'll have the details on the impact it's having on the friday evening commute. thanks for watching. have a good day.
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